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March On The Ice Age Trail

Hiking In March Begins With Chilly Weather!

Wisconsin is known for some unpredictable early spring weather, and that is exactly what it delivered!

Fellow Camino pilgrim and hiking buddy, Jacki, is a Wisconsin native, and her warm-blooded practice in these cold temperatures fared better than I.

Beginning at Potawatomi State Park and the authentic trailhead start, we were given permission to walk through the logging area and headed south toward our segment goal of Algoma.

Warm lunch breaks, laughs and hot meals are always appreciated, as are the lovely “Trail Angel” hosts we experienced on our first and second nights.

After hiking through 2 days of sleet, snow and high winds, we chose to tap out early by one day and not fight the weather, rather begin again once some of the unexpected cold snap had run its course.


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