Day Two Ice Age Trail

IAT Day 2 TEmp TN

Day Two Ice Age Trail

Mother Nature Is Never Dull

Racing the rain turned into hiking in sleet and snow!

We came up short of our distance goal and felt accomplished with 17.6 more miles on the board.

In a couples months the scenery will change to vibrant green! We are catching the early days of spring in Wisconsin with some unpredictable weather patterns.
Jacki and I walked up the hill to the unincorporated community of Clyde where our lovely Trail Angel, Heidi, scooped us up to her home. We then thawed out over a shot of whiskey and some yummy Door County cherry wine.

She cooked such a delicious dinner of homemade chili that really hit the spot, paired with amazing conversation.

We are incredibly grateful to both of our Trail Angels so far on this journey and feel blessed to make new friends.

Life serves up some plots twists along the adventure…flow with!

Buen Camino!


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