Day Five Ice Age Trail

IAT Day 5 Sm TN

Day Five Ice Age Trail

Hiking Through A Lightening Storm Is Not Dull!

Ever feel as if you lived 3-days-in-1? That was day five!

After walking through a lightening storm that got far too close for comfort, the rest of the day’s weather was filled with delightful sunshine.

The beautiful scenery was diverse, coming alive with Spring in the air, also filled with the serenade of birds and frogs.

My distance app read a total of 22.4 at the end of the day, bringing 2 days of walking slightly shy of 50 miles. (Yes, most of it in flip flops!)

The long day made my spicy black bean burger and sweet potato fries, washed down with a New Glarus beer even that more delicious.

Celebration is key, even for the little things in life.


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