Day Thirteen Ice Age Trail


Day Thirteen Ice Age Trail

Plot Twists Abound!

Sometimes I mis-type “TRIAL” instead of trail. Yes, the Ice Age Trail is also a trial at times!
It’s beautiful, adventurous and challenging — more difficult than I imagined.
One memorable highlight was reaching the top of a hill to witness coyotes playing in a field and they didn’t sense me watching them.
After hiking long distances with inclines for 3 days in a 27-lb backpack, I’ve come to realize that I must either reduce my mileage or pack weight to find that sweet spot.
I’ve also learned it wise to keep a pepper spray ready-to-go whilst on back-country crossing routes, as I was charged and/or chased by dogs on 3 occasions within the course of 2 hours. I haven’t had to use pepper spray yet and hope that remains my status quo.
After feeling some shooting pain in my feet, I decided to rest and not risk permanent injury. I was back to good and out hiking long distances after a couple of days!
Buen Camino!


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