April On The Ice Age Trail

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April On The Ice Age Trail

Moody Mother Nature

Wisconsin weather can be extremely unpredictable during the Spring months, of which I am experiencing first-hand as a hiker.

Wonderful it is, to see new life rebirth in its vibrant colors dotting the different landscapes I walk through, serenaded by symphonies of frogs and birds!

How far will I hike this month? My goal is to knock out some meaty chunks before the mosquitoes and biting flies are swarming!

Meeting new Trail Angel hosts has been a highlight for this adventure.

“There are no strangers, just friends I haven’t met yet.”

Nothing quite like backpacking with your sister in the Kettle Morraine State Forest on 2 glorious days of weather. Wow!

We laughed both days of 18 & 17-mile rolling hills terrain.

Aarika is hooked on the IAT now too and planning to come back this summer to Wisconsin for some hiking adventures with yours truly.


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