Summertime Fun 2023



Summertime Fun 2023

Make The Moments Count

We still have a good chunk of summer left as I compose this blog—thank goodness because I am not a fan of cold weather. Bring on the heat!

If I summed up the past few months it would include laughter with the niece and nephews, a deliberate focus on gardening, as well as fascinating filmmaking projects. Amie is a busy girl — I love it!

Kids grow up so fast! It is vital to create wonderful memories with them.

From foraging for wild mushrooms and berries in the woods, to fishing & swimming at the cousin’s pond, to backyard camping adventures, we packed in a tremendous about of fun.

We have some young filmmakers in the works; the kiddos assisted their auntie with several FOODIE: Farm-To-Table video episodes and they were naturals on camera.

This past weekend my friend Jackie and I went camping up in the north woods for a little earthing R&R in Mother Nature. What a delight to find 15 different unique varieties of fungi surrounding our campsite! (No, we chose not to forage any of them.)

Whilst hiking in the woods, we took our own bushwhacking detour and manifested an unexpected misadventure! We stepped onto a ground wasp nest and they swarmed us both. Visions of the movie scene from ‘Hunger Games’ came to mind as we blindly ran into the woods away from the vicious swarm that made their territorial mark of 4 stings between us. Thankfully we didn’t fall or get stung on the face, as it could have been far worse.

All in all, we enjoyed campfire cooking, reading in the hammock, and a different taste of scenery for a short trip.

I’ve truly turned up the heat on my filmmaking projects, now 4 running concurrently and keeping me extra focused. Stay tuned for new FOODIE: Farm-To-Table episodes into autumn with late harvest episodes.

Playing With Energy, the metaphysical short video series, has amassed over 40 outlined topics and may continue for several years.

The Hero’s Journey, inspired by the famous mythologist, Joseph Campbell, is the most difficult project to-date—albeit a struggle to convey, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Stay tuned for my short documentary film on earthing/grounding projected to release at the end of September. This film has been eye-opening to develop, using myself as the guinea pig and scientist, and will benefit its audience in a wonderful myriad of ways.

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NEW DOCUMENTARY!  You’re invited to watch a brand new documentary film, UNSHOD. This film explores science of Earthing or Grounding, the power of our spiritual connection to Mother Nature, as well as how to live a barefoot lifestyle. Make sure to Subscribe for film updates and the premiere date. Join Amie Chilson, Filmmaker, as discovers remarkable benefits and physiological results during her 75-Day experimentation process.

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