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Get ready to have your tastebuds tantalized with the introduction to the brand new series named “FOODIE.”

Join me as I eat my way around the world, exploring different cultures on 5 continents via gastronomical adventures.

Enjoy a brand new sub-series of FOODIE called “Farm-To-Table.” This innovative edu-tainment runs concurrently to all the delicious episodes around the world.

Now, more than ever, it is so important to grow and store your own food.

Join me in the fields and kitchen as we explore topics like:

– How to grow your own garden (even with limited space).

– What nutritional benefits do you get from eating live, organic fruits and veggies?

– How to cook, can, freeze, preserve, etc.

…and so much more!


Enjoy all these unique episodes and make sure to Subscribe for updates so you don’t miss an adventure!

You are invited to get involved! Your support helps expand this series; every Contribution helps tremendously.


CONTRIBUTIONS from big-hearted people like you inspire me keep doing what I’m doing. I am truly grateful to you for your encouragement and support. Inspirational storytelling is a journey of its own, and with your help I’ll reach my goals to share more beautiful creations with the world. There are multiple ways to get involved in my present and upcoming adventures.

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