Playing With Energy Episode One


Playing With Energy Episode One

Majesty In The Moment

Mother Nature is such an amazing gift! Do you take time to revel in her majesty?
A profound walking meditation through the Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve on an early morning was just the ticket for deep appreciation.
How beautiful and humbling it is when we recognize our Oneness with all.
Ponder the amount of life in 10 cubic feet of earth and air in either direction!
Witness God’s paintbrush at work in breathtaking glow of a sunrise, the vibrant green algae of a pond, the mysterious flight of a bumblebee, or the sweet symphony of a cheerful bird.
We, divine fractals of Prime Source Creator, are walking miracles and interconnected with the whole.
Bow your head or fall to your knees in pure gratitude at least once a day.
Re-remember to recognize the majesty in the moment.
Editor’s Notes:
During my walking meditation through Barkhausen I came upon numerous members of the animal kingdom as usual. Many species of birds, as well as reptiles and amphibians, and the insects are plentiful! I nearly stepped on a snake, however he gave me a loud warning beforehand. A fat mosquito left his mark like a bullseye on my forehead within the first minute of my arrival.
Visitors to Barkhausen will often spot Eagles and I have in the past — however not during this trip.
A portion of the footage in this video I shot myself, while others I relied on stock footage for illustration.
Thankfully, I resisted the urge to overproduce this short film and relied on the magnificent beauty of Mother Nature, paired with a gorgeous piano piece, to share the story.

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