Foodie Series Mushrooms


Foodie Series Mushrooms

2,189 Edible Species!

We celebrate the multi-talented mushroom who has a kingdom to its own!

While creating this episode I became so hungry for mushrooms, I felt compelled to go foraging for morels several days in a row after heavy rains.

During late spring and early summer, we’ve scouted morels in the local woods and in our own front-yard. They are delicious sautéed in light butter and salt.

Sadly, I came up empty-handed for morels this time…I’m a tad late on their peak season and not an expert forager.

Alas, the grocery store provided a few varietals of mushrooms and I enjoyed them stuffed, scrambled and sautéed this week.

My intention is to make you hungry for mushrooms as well.

Did it work?


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