Playing With Energy Episode Two


Playing With Energy Episode Two

A Natural & Free Cure

Earthing, interchangeable with the term grounding, is more potent and miraculous than most know.

I’ve created several videos on this topic but haven’t truly understood the ability to heal oneself of many ailments, diseases and illnesses…until now.

I am so passionate about this topic that I’m currently creating a 40-minute documentary. For 2 months I am enjoying an experiment of investing 30-60 minutes of earthing a day.

A little bird story did inspire me recently…I woke up one morning, smiled at the rising sun, and found a cute bird on my deck singing his heart out. He was serenading a beautiful aria for all the world to hear and I was blessed to be in his audience.

The ‘Playing With Energy’ series is intended to raise your vibration and create more joy, peace and bliss in your life.

Don’t worry, ’bout a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright…

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NEW DOCUMENTARY!  You’re invited to watch a brand new documentary film, UNSHOD. This film explores science of Earthing or Grounding, the power of our spiritual connection to Mother Nature, as well as how to live a barefoot lifestyle. Make sure to Subscribe for film updates and the premiere date. Join Amie Chilson, Filmmaker, as discovers remarkable benefits and physiological results during her 75-Day experimentation process.

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