Yelapa Jungles Day Two


Yelapa Jungles Day Two

Right Of Passage

Day 2 In The Jungles Of Yelapa

Forever known as the day I killed a chicken.

First join me on an enchanting hike through the region and enjoy some beautiful scenery.

Killing, preparing and cooking my own food is less of a bucket list item and more right-of-passage.

I want to know first-hand.

If you know me, you know I respect our amazing animal kingdom, and prior to this trip to Mexico, I’ve been vegetarian for two years.

Alas, I am here having an adventure! All in.

When I told my nephews about the cultural experiences I’d discover in Mexico, they were fascinated. Except the chicken part; they own 3 chickens as egg-laying pets. The kiddos were horrified when I told them I was going to kill my own chicken.

“Where do your chicken mcgnuggets come from?”

Sparing viewers the part of me taking the life of a bird (which I did capture on video) let’s just say I did NOT like that part.

I’m the kind of person who will take a spider outside the house, step over a trail of ants, or help a caterpillar get across a busy road safely.

Thanks to my new friends at Passion Flower Garden, I was able to accomplish my mission and we enjoyed a tasty meal together.


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Let’s Go!

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