What Is National Debt?



What Is National Debt?

Time To Wake Up

In a debt-credit system, every debt creates an answering credit. If there’s a 25 trillion dollar National Debt, there is also a 25 trillion dollar National Credit.

So, let’s talk about the National Credit which is owned by the banks and their pals to the American People and the organic States of the Union.

The essence of fraudulent convertible debt is to create what appears to be a debt, but which is in fact a credit, then get the victim to assume the fake debt and pay it, which leaves the perpetrator in possession of an equal amount of “extra credit” which they are then free to invest and use for their own profit.

Every month across America utility companies double bill for their charges. They charge off all their operating expenses against the credit of the American People at the U.S. Treasury, and then they send those same people “billing statements” which appear to be bills for services rendered. They make sure that the victims pay up by threatening them with disconnection. Then they invest the purloined additional credit for the benefit of their organization. In this way they build up immense capital credit fund accounts in the names of each victim, but the customer/victims are never allowed to touch these accounts or make use of the credit.

The Federal Reserve Banks and their Cronies in “Congress” pass the “Federal Reserve Act” and establish a fiat money system to be used by the United States, Inc. and its many franchises as legal tender.

So it cost them about 4 cents to print each “Federal Reserve Note” — and they got the full face value of that bill back plus interest from the Americans.

This was done despite every law against usury and despite the requirement for real money plainly stated in The Constitution for the united States of America that was (and is) still in effect and still owed to the American States on the land.

Note The “Note” Scam!

The Federal Reserve Association and its “Board of Governors” designed the “Federal Reserve System” as means to entrap Americans into eternal indebtedness that could only increase exponentially. Every time anyone “paid” a debt with a “Federal Reserve Note” they accrued MORE debt for themselves.

And they had no other practical choice than to use “Federal Reserve Notes” because the Federal Reserve System had a legalized monopoly.

The “Federal Reserve System” took no risk, paid nobody for anything, and simply “collected” the debt.

This means that they cheated Americans out of their labor and resources in exchange for promises to pay—siphoned it all off in “exchange” for worthless paper.

In 2009 the “Federal Reserve System” transferred the bulk of its assets to a new entity organized under the United States, INC. doing business as the FEDERAL RESERVE, INC., and declared the old version bankrupt — leaving the hapless Americans to pay “their” National Debt.

What are we supposed to pay it with?

According to “Congress” — with MORE NOTES!

“A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins…” – Benjamin Franklin

1917 Non-Existent “War Powers” and “Emergency Powers”

In 1917 the corporate Congress under the sway of their new banker bosses made another gross power grab and claimed to have “war powers” that were never granted to them and which strictly speaking do no exist.

Nonetheless, they passed the “War Powers Act” and gratuitously “conscripted” all the private property in America “for the war effort”. “Conscripted” means they “borrowed” every man, woman, cat, dog, and chicken coop in America for military use. The US Army became and Army of Occupation at that point.

They also came under The Hague Conventions which require them to protect all non-combatant civilians and their private property assets—including their “Natural and Unalienable Rights” which are material assets of the National Trust— and to act as a faithful Usufruct under the Rules of Usufruct established by The Hague Conventions and to return all civilian property unharmed and unencumbered by any debt resulting from their use of it.

The Hague Conventions IV, Article 55, and the Laws of War II— Article 3 — forbidding “changing status” to a “public citizen of the United States, Inc.” are both provisions that the members of “Congress” and the Joint Chiefs of State would rather ignore, but really can’t. They also can’t ignore Section 21 of the Applications Appendix of the Trading With the Enemy Act which specifically excluded American State Citizens from being classified as “enemies.”



(Information attributed to “You Know Something Is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.”)


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