What are “Civil Rights”?



What are "Civil Rights"?

The Rabbit Hole Deepens

Black Americans were never really freed after the Civil War. They were given a new, specially created citizenship — ‘US citizenship’ — and ‘civil rights’ granted by the Congress, not the Natural and Unalienable Rights guaranteed to American State Nationals. The United States, Inc. laid claim to them and their estates as unclaimed chattel and hypothecated “US Government” debt against their labor and possessions in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea.

Here’s what the corporate “Constitution” actually says:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

All they did was redefine “criminals” as slaves. They did nothing to abolish slavery itself.

In fact, they enshrined slavery as a permanent part of their national law and gave themselves the right to arbitrarily redefine both “crimes” and “criminals” such that a child picking dandelions could be arrested as a criminal and enslaved for life.

It’s time of the “United States Congress” to be brought home and overhauled, for members to be deputized as true fiduciary officers, and for Senators to be held accountable to the States on the Land again.

When African Americans demanded “Equal Civil Rights” — didn’t anyone wonder, “Equal to WHAT?”

They were demanding rights equal to those enjoyed by American State Nationals, so the “Congress” granted them, while retaining the ability to cancel any “rights” at all, at any time.

Re-enslaving black Americans proved to be so profitable that Congress sat up many nights trying to figure out how they could pull the same deal on white folks—and Circa 1940, they came up with a scheme to do just that.

Seven Steps to Enslavement

Step 1 – Make laws requiring all the corporate federal State franchises to register live births.

Step 2 – Seize upon the given names of all the babies — babies of American State Nationals as well as United State Citizens — and create new legal fiction entities operated under the same name…


joseph-jacob: lew
an American State National

redefined as

Joseph Jacob Lew
A foreign situs trust owned and operated by the State of New York
United State Citizen

Remember — Corporations can be “United States Citizens”

Step 3 – Charge off all kinds of private corporate debt as public debt hypothecated against “Joseph Jacob Lew” … then claim that he has gone missing, presumed “lost at sea”…presumed dead. And so the “United States Citizen” is declared legally dead by the probate court. RIP.

Step 4 – Roll over all the assets of “Joseph Jacob Lew” into an ESTATE trust also named after the original living man only styled as “JOSEPH JACOB LEW” — a trust created under Washington, DC Municipal Statute 2, Vital Statistics, Section 7-201, paragraph 10—owned and operated by the UNITED STATES, INC.

This is all done to enable the perpetrators to plunder “his” ESTATE—which is by definition a corporation, an estate trust, and therefore in their control and their jurisdiction of the sea.

Step 5 – Everyone involved in the fraud pretends that the living American State National is dead and that his assets belong to the government services corporation.

Step 6 – Run this fraud for decades then start over again. “Redefine” the individual ESTATE trusts as “transmitting utilities” created under United Nations laws and name these new corporate entities after living Americans, using only middle initials and identifiers. JOSEPH J. LEW.

Step 7 – Bar Association Members bring charges against all these legal fiction entities as if they were the living man or woman – a crime known as “personage”.

This is how Americans born on the land of the American States have been systematically reduced to living as “United States Citizens”, redefined as corporations subject to statutory laws, defrauded of their property, and kidnapped into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea.

We are attacked as babies in our cradles, long before we are able to defend ourselves by evil and self-interested men who direct ignorant people to commit evil in our names. This step-by-step process begins within hours of birth.


(Information attributed to “You Know Something Is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.”)


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What Are “Civil Rights”?



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