The Office Of The President



The Office Of The President

There Are Three

The office of “President” is and has always been a company office— and later, a corporate office — not a Head of State. This is because the separate States are each sovereign nations acting for international purposes as a federation.

The Ohio State is a part of the Confederation of the united States of America (aka Continental United States) in the same way as Bulgaria was part of the old Soviet Union.

There are actually three Presidential Offices — President of the united States of America (Major) on the land, President of the United States of America (Minor) on the sea, and President of the United States (Municipal).

This is how Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama — both of whom were/are ineligible to serve as President of the united States of America (Major) are nonetheless able to serve as President of the United States of America (Minor) and as President of the United States (Municipal).

Here is the actual definition of “President” from the 1856 version of “A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States” by John Bouvier.

An officer of a company who is to direct the manner in which business is to be transacted. From the decision of the president there is an appeal to the body over which he presides.”

Today we would recognize this office as a Chief Executive Officer.

The actual Constitution creating the Federal United States and delegating the international Jurisdiction of the Sea to it names of the President Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces because he is responsible for defending the States from attack by foreign countries and may also be called upon to settle disputes between States over a variety of “federally controlled” issues, including “interstate commerce.”

“Commerce” is business conducted between corporations, including the Federal “States of States” like the State of Ohio and the State of Wisconsin. Corporations accrue “income”, hence the “income tax”.

“Trade” is business conducted between people, associations, sole proprietors, simple partnerships, pure trusts, and other unincorporated business structures.

These entities accrue private property—not income.

President Number One:

The President’s duties under the actual Constitution pertaining to the Continental United States have never been changed. His job is to determine how— not what, when, how much, where, at what cost or why business is conducted. That is the business of the Members of Congress —when and if— they act as Deputies (accountable fiduciary officers) of their home States, like the Ohio State and the Wisconsin State, and convene a Continental Congress. The President’s job with respect to actual States on the land is purely executive: he figures out how to do what the State Deputies tell him to do, and the State Deputies are directly accountable to the People (House of Representatives) and to the actual State Legislature (Senate).

Please note that the Ohio State Legislature (Continental State) is not the same as the State of Ohio Legislature (Federal State).

President Number Two:

The President’s duties under the similarly named Constitution of the United States of America pertain solely to the affairs of the Federal States that operate in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea, including the “States of States” like the State of Ohio or “STATE OF OHIO” or most recently “OHIO” and their franchises. He has more power in this role, but is still limited in that the Federal Congress acts as his Board of Directors, holds the purse strings on the federal budget, and so on. It is in this capacity that he introduces, lobbies for or vetoes federal legislation. This is all in-house and only impacts Federal States of States, like the State of Iowa, other federal corporations, federal territories, and “United States Citizens.”

President Number Three:

As President of the United States — a corporate CEO acting under the Constitution of the United States (no “of America” about it)— he has been given dictatorial style power and can run federal functions by “Executive Orders” issued to “federal municipal franchises” incorporated under the laws of the Washington DC Municipality (an independent international City State). The Washington DC Municipality has no actual authority outside of the physical boundaries of Washington DC with respect to the Continental United States, despite gross pretensions otherwise, and the President acting in this role has only the powers of any other corporate CEO. The Washington DC Municipal Government has created hundreds of millions of “citizens” for itself named after living Americans and American cities and towns, and claims to own and operate all of these franchises as chattel property. These are all UNITED STATES CITIZENS —Debt Salves— which exist only on paper, but which are used as devices to promote fraud against actual people, towns, counties, and cities.



(Information attributed to “You Know Something Is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.”)


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