The Civil War When Everything Ran Amok



The Civil War When Everything Ran Amok

Important Facts To Know

1860 – Abraham Lincoln is elected President of the United States [Commercial Company].

March 27, 1961 – Eleven Congressional Delegations from the Southern States walk out, leaving the Congress adjourned without an agreed upon date to meet again.

Lincoln formed a Delaware Corporation doing business as The United States of America, Inc., and installed the remaining members of Congress as a Board of Directors to continue to conduct business.


The Third Big Lie

The united States of America never signed any service contract with Lincoln’s new corporation doing business as “The United States of America, Inc.” Lincoln merely “traded upon” The Constitution for the united States of America and substituted his corporation as a successor Trustee.

*Please Note: United States (Commercial Company) does not equal The United States of America, Inc., does not equal the United States of America, Inc., does not equal the United States (INC.), does not equal USA (INC), does not equal US CORP, does not equal THE United States OF AMERICA, INC., does not equal E PLURIBUS UNAM THE United States OF AMERICA, INCORPORATED, and so on…

All these similarly named corporate entities have been used to deceive and defraud the American States and the American People ever since.


As a Result…

There is no valid contract binding the united States of America to any corporation merely claiming to be a successor to the United States (Commercial Company) which Lincoln bankrupted on April 25th, 1863.

The International Trustees – the Pope, the Rector of the National Shrine, the British Monarch, and since 1924, the Secretary of the Treasury, should have intervened to protect the National Trusts and they have all failed to do so.

Despite the requirements of the only equity contract the Global Estate Trust had with the States of America, despite all the treaties promising “friendship” and “amity in perpetuity” and despite the loyal support of the Americans through two World Wars, these False Trustees allowed this situation to continue and have profited from it for over 150 years.



(Information attributed to “You Know Something Is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.”)



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