Thailand Adventures



Thailand Adventures

One Night In Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most vibrant, electric, overwhelming, delicious and memorable countries I’ve explored to-date!
You’ve got to have your wits about you when you jump feet first into its capital city, because it will absolutely eat tourists alive if they’re unprepared.
The Murray Head lyrics “One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster,” sing through my head whenever I arrive to Suvarnabhumi Airport, as I make a sprint through customs and baggage to be first in the long taxi line.
Bangkok has the second worst traffic in the world that I’ve encountered, followed closely behind by Delhi; Jakarta wins the worst traffic award.
I’ve explored Thailand 7 times now and there’s always more to experience!
During these amazing adventures I’ve spent considerable time in the North (Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai) Central (Bangkok) and the South (Phuket & Islands). The western regions of Thailand still go undiscovered by me, and one day I will enthusiastically continue my exploration of this great nation.
Upon arrival, I usually make a mad dash to the local markets and street food vendors to fervently stuff my face with delicacies that explode with flavor and dance upon my tastebuds.
Thai food ranks a close 2nd runner -up to Indian food as my favorite. I love Thai food so much, it could be a series of blogs and videos on their own! No matter how much odd street food I gorge myself with straight off a flight, I have never gotten sick.
Like any foreign country, it is wise to rapidly adapt to the pace, culture, language, currency, transportation, customs, etc. or you’ll stick out like a target-on-your-back tourist, and increase your risk for problems.
I don’t say this about all countries, but I will about Thailand… ratchet up your street-smarts immediately.
Gorgeous wats (temples) abound in every direction, statues of Lord Buddha saturate the landscape, and wonderful, often odd sounds permeate the air at all times of day and night.
Thailand is a sensory overload…and I love it!
There are far too many awe-inspiring stories, unbelievably outrageous adventures and heartfelt moments to encapsulate in one little blog, so for the meantime I encourage you to enjoy a few wonderful photo memories. (Below)


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