Telic Footwear


Telic Footwear

Best Flip Flops In The World!


For 5 years I have promoted Telic with the loyalty of a saint, across social media platforms, amongst hikers and backpackers I meet along the way, and to anyone interested in giving their feet the gift of ‘The best flip flops in the world.”

Since 2016, I’ve worn Telic flip flops exclusively and my feet simply hate shoes now. They’ve taken me all over the planet, across countries, up the world’s tallest freestanding mountain and have even been showcased with cocktail dresses.

During my 6 pilgrimages across Spain from France and Portugal, Telic flip flops have saved me when boots, shoes and sandals failed. I prefer them, even while climbing in technical terrain, inclines/declines, or wet weather conditions.

As a Journalist/Filmmaker/Storyteller, all of my adventures are vibrantly documented via writing, photography and videography. I’ve become somewhat of a hiking internet celebrity, known as the girl who walks the world in flip flops, and my trail handle is just that: “Flip Flops.” International fans identify me in places by my footwear.

If you knew me, you’d know that I am always hiking something and if not for Covid, I’d still be continuously traveling the globe making grand adventures in far off places.

Until that time comes again, I am now in the midst of completing 1,200 miles on the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin, and after that will select my next long-term trek to backpack.

It is much more than a crush…I’m having a full blown love affair with these TELIC flip flops!

Stay tuned for an extremely unique video sharing the story of how I first discovered this amazing footwear.

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p.s. Featured in the photo gallery below is the first pair of TELIC flip flops I ever purchased in 2016. They lasted me on 2 full pilgrimages, explored 5 continents, and saw so much adventure in the world!

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