South France Recovery



South France Recovery

Sanary-sur-Mer Enchantment

“I want to cannon-ball into the Mediterranean Sea!” was the intention I joyfully exclaimed to my friend Greg.

And that I did upon arrival to his lovely home in the sleepy village in the south of France called, Sanary-sur-Mer.

It was brisk!

After backpacking 40 days in a row on the Camino de Santiago, plus 2 long night bus journeys, my feet looked like exploding mushrooms with fat sausages for toes.

The south of France was a glorious place to recover for 5 days after an exciting and difficult pilgrimage.

Greg’s home overlooked the glittering sea which showcased epic sunrises and sunsets.

We both regaled each other with our Camino adventures, as he’d completed the same route from France-to-Spain only a few months before me.

“Coming down” from such a grand quest isn’t easy, however I discovered a safe haven landing in this stunning seaside village in France.


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