Snorkel Hanauma Bay


Snorkel Hanauma Bay

Life Is Never Dull

Hanauma Bay is a gorgeous snorkeling spot on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

But wait, something odd happened!

I swear my life is never dull and I could not even make up the crazy things that occur.

Another proof that my mantra is effective: “It All Works Out.”

Something told me to jump on the first bus to Hanauma Bay this morning for some beautiful snorkeling with sea life.

As I left the beach to return home early, I noticed some big activity: helicopters, cops, firemen, etc. swarming everywhere.

“What on Earth?”

I got nosy and eavesdropped on the cops, even asked one some questions. As I left the park, the lifeguards closed the park on loud speaker.

Something ‘suspicious’ was found in the water and generated a huge reaction from law enforcement.

As I walked fast up to the highway to grab a return bus, (park closure meant no public transit in and the road above was slow going.)

I formulated my own theory: They found human remains floating in the water linked to a recent homicide. I may have been snorkeling next to a foot or hand or something!

Glad to act quickly and leave the park on instinct to avoid the cluster eff that ensued, a reporter for the local TV news tried to grab me for an interview as I jumped onto a passing bus back to my apartment. Most people were stuck in the park and I felt fortunate to act quickly and return home to productivity.

I later learned it was not a human body part found in the water, rather what was feared as a bomb.



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