Playing With Energy Intro


Playing With Energy Intro

Welcome To A New Series

You’re invited to join me on an exciting adventure. Stay tuned for the launch of a brand new video series called: Playing With Energy.

Playing With Energy is a highly-interactive and inspiring series, combining the Law of Attraction & vibrational mastery, utilizing innovative processes and tools, and sharing thought provoking an heart warming stories from both my life and the lives of friends & family.

There’ll be a new video released every week, ranging 2-5 minutes in length. Right now I am up to 40 videos so far and having a blast creating this series.

You know me…I cannot NOT create.

Whether you’re new to the practice of deliberating creating the life you truly desire, or if you’re a masterful. Metaphysician — there will be value for everyone.

So let’s have some fun, because manifesting is supposed to be fun, light and easy.

We are infinite beings. Everything is energy and anything is possible.

Join me and we’ll enjoy creating thee most loving, abundant, harmonious existence together.

Enjoy All The Episodes From “Playing With Energy:”


Episode One: Majesty In The Moment

Episode Two: Power Of Earthing

Episode Three: Miracle Of Life

The Well-Stocked Kitchen

Happy Shiny People


NEW DOCUMENTARY!  You’re invited to watch a brand new documentary film, UNSHOD. This film explores science of Earthing or Grounding, the power of our spiritual connection to Mother Nature, as well as how to live a barefoot lifestyle. Make sure to Subscribe for film updates and the premiere date. Join Amie Chilson, Filmmaker, as discovers remarkable benefits and physiological results during her 75-Day experimentation process.

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