Playing With Energy Episode Five


Playing With Energy Episode Five

The Tibetan Allegory

Room Of A Thousand Demons:

This is a powerful allegory about transcending fear.

It was shared with me back in 2007 while I was experiencing some of my own transformation and dark nights of the soul.

This allegory and its multi-faceted interpretation has profoundly touched my life, and it is my intention to impact yours.

In ancient Tibet, or so the story goes, a ceremony was held every 100 years offering monks the path to Enlightenment. The monks gathered and were told that, to attain Enlightenment, all they had to do was enter ‘The Room of 1000 Demons’, cross it and leave through the door on the other side.

The problem, of course, was that the room contained 1000 demons, and there was a possibility that the monks would not make it out alive. And although it was a small room, once inside, there would be no coming back. The door would lock, and each monk would be on his own.

Once inside, the monk would be faced with every demon that his mind could possibly conjure up – if he had a fear of heights, the monk would instantly find himself standing on a narrow precipice, a sheer, cavernous drop below him as far as the eye could see. If he had a fear of spiders, he would find himself surrounded by the most terrifying spiders imaginable.

The monks were offered a choice – to try to cross the room now or to wait 100 years for a second attempt.

Most monks who chose to brave the room would enter through the door, become paralyzed by fear and remain there for the rest of their life. But those who did choose to try their luck were given two pieces of advice:

1. ”Everything you see”, they were told, “is a projection of your own mind; an illusion, with no existence outside your own thoughts.”

2. ”Whatever you think you see, hear or feel, keep your feet moving, and you will come out the other side.”


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