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Osprey Backpacks

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People name their backpacks, right? I did!

When you travel the globe continuously on exciting and challenging adventures, and everything you carry is on your back, it’s makes sense that you develop a relationship with your helpful buddy.

MAITE is the name I gave to my Osprey backpack, the Kyte 36. Maite means “LOVE” in the Basque language, and she got her name on the maiden pilgrimage voyage across Spain from France on the Camino de Santiago in 2017.

Since then she’s traveled on 5 more Camino pilgrimages, across the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin, up the highest free-standing mountain in the entire world, Mount Kilimanjaro, and numerous other vigorous adventures!

I sure do love my backpack, and even after all these strenuous journeys, she’s still holding up! Maite has a lot more life left in her too.

Osprey is a brand that I’ve grown to love and trust for both backpack and luggage solutions.

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