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ageLOC Galvanic Spa

This is the very first product I purchased from NuSkin and am loyally joined-at-the-hip with its amazing results so much so, I’ve packed it around the world with me on 6 continents!  The Galvanic Spa is a wise investment everyone should make if they desire healthy & youthful skin.


Lumi Spa

What can 2-Minutes a day do for your face with the Lumi Spa? I cannot wait to wash my face with it, because the results are immediate! Sometimes I’ll run the cycle for 4 minutes instead, and make sure to care for my neck and décolleté.


Galvanic Spa Body Shaping Gel

Keeping my skin young has definitely taken some work! Using the ageLOC Galvanic Spa with the body shaping gel has shown me incredible results for tightening and firming my skin and making it silky smooth.


ageLOC Radiant Day Face Cream SPF22

This face cream goes with me everywhere and I keep back-ups in purses, backpacks and suitcases just in case…because I don’t want to be caught without it. This amazingly light 22SPF cream goes on non-greasy and it is easy to apply make-up over-the-top for a clean appearance. I don’t usually like the smell of most face lotions on the market, and the Radiant day smells wonderful! This product is a MUST-HAVE item for anyone who truly cares about putting the best products on their face.


ageLOC Transforming Night Cream

Here we have another MUST-HAVE product that goes with me everywhere, even on some of thee most remote backpacking trips around the globe, I stuff this amazing face cream into baggies or little bottles because I won’t leave home without it. ageLOC Transforming Night Cream literally lifts the skin up and gives a dewy look; it smells amazing, goes on non-greasy, and I’ve found it a big hit with the fellas.


Epoch Glacier Marine Mud Mask

I’ve tried a lot of mud masks on the market, and none of them compare with the Epoch Glacier Marine; this is also in the category of BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK because it lasts a long time, the price is great, and the results are immediate! I’ve also brought this product around the world for me, especially in Southeast Asia and Africa where mosquitoes bite me often. This product is so powerful, there’s a well-known story about a woman who pulled tiny shards of glass out of her face by applying the mask; she’d gone through the windshield of her car during an accident 10 years prior.


Tru Face Line Corrector

My skin has taken a beating from the sun, weather and harsh travel conditions. Tru Face Line Corrector is an incredible quick-fix serum to apply throughout the day around my eyes for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and inevitable dry skin. I like to have at least 2 of these in my purse, backpack or suitcase at all times.


180 Face Wash

This is an oldie but a goodie and one of my absolute favorite products. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK and lasts a long time, the 180 Face Wash is an addiction of mine and a product that goes with me everywhere in the world. Both men and women alike love this Face Wash and it’s demonstrable results are undeniable.


Liquid Body Bar Soap

Frankly, most soap products on the marketplace suck to high heaven, and the formulators of them know it, adding horrible chemicals and ingredients and harm people’s skin. Liquid Body Bar is a BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK product and is genuinely good for our skin with its special pH balancing properties. My skin feels thoroughly clean, silky and smells amazing when I use it. Just trust me and buy it. (Kiddos love it too!)


Hand Lotion

There are a lot of crap lotions on the marketplace, and I’d venture to say most of them have harmful ingredients…so why would you buy that and it in on your precious skin? Stop! This BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK hand lotion can be used on the entire body, it has all of the good ingredients and none of the bad, it absorbs quickly with great results, and the tube lasts a while as well.


Nutricentials Intense Hydrating Cream

If you love ultra-rich hydrating face cream but are also on a budget, this is the product for you.


Pharmanex Vitamin C + Zinc Chewables

Ka-Pow! That’s how I feel when I pop one of these bad boys in my mouth every morning. In addition to all the other amazing Pharmanex supplements, it’s wise to double up on Vitamin C & Zinc these days, and that’s exactly what I do to keep my immune system in a Superhuman state. (p.s. they taste great too!)


Epoch IceDancer Invigorating Leg Gel

If you’re a runner, hiker, backpacker, dancer or any type of athlete, you’re going to love the IceDancer leg gel. Thank goodness I took this product on the Camino with me, because it provided wonderful relief for my sore muscles. This product doesn’t have any harmful ingredients, works fast and smells divine!


Renu Hair Mask

Like most hygiene products on the marketplace, most of them are crap and have harmful ingredients. Hair products are renown for doing damage vs. benefit to our hair! Because I highlight my hair every 3 months, it is usually pretty dry, and I use this hair mask several times a week to restore moisture and also not weigh down my hair. It smells amazing, the results are immediate and it also doesn’t break the bank.


Facial Scrub

BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK product and another fave of mine is the facial scrub, because we all need to exfoliate. How do I keep my skin looking so young at 44? Well the facial scrub has assisted me plenty and it’s a product that goes with me around the world! I’ve discovered both men and women alike love this product.


Epoch Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

If you’re going to sanitize your hands, you might as well use the best product on the marketplace. I’m NOT a fan of over-sanitizing, and I’ve also known it wise to carry an antiseptic with me whilst traveling the globe, especially on planes, trains, boats and automobiles. Unlike most sanitizers out there, the Epoch won’t dry out your hands with harmful chemicals, in face it moisturizes, smells great and there are tiny travel sizes available. Trust me. Get this.


Sunright Lip Balm SPF 15

People are unaware of how prevalent lip cancer is amongst both men and women, and if you love the sun like I do, it is vital to protect your mouth! I carry a couple of these Sunright lip balms with me everywhere and admittedly am addicting to keeping my lips moisturized. Hey, our smile is our business card and the first thing people see. It’s a BANG FOR THE BUCK product and has been invaluable to me over the years.

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