Natural Law, Democracy and The Contract



Natural Law, Democracy and The Contract

Our Founder’s Wisdom

The Founders of the united States of America defined “Law” to be the “Law of Nature and Nature’s God” which is law that derives its moral authority from nothing less than Nature and the Holy Spirit.

Men are born free to walk, talk, gather together, express their complaints, contract, work, trade, to have a home, to enjoy the fruits of their labor, own property, and do many, many other things freely by Nature. Those rights are “Natural Law” and are unalienable— they cannot be deprived nor taxed nor licensed.

Those who live within the Law are “Law-abiding” and those who live outside the Law are “Outlaws” when on land and “Pirates” on the sea.

The Bible forbids Man-kind from making legislation (Deuteronomy 4:2) and for Christians the True Law was further reduced to only two precepts to love God (Matthew 22:37) and love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31).

These Laws —if properly observed—are complete, entire, and sufficient for the conduct of all business, all relationships, and all needs. They lead directly to moral behavior among men.

Unfortunately, democracy – which literally means “mob rule”— is immoral because it constantly violates the inherent rights of individuals, and the United States of America (Minor) composed of 57 Federal States is a “Constitutional Democracy”.

If 51% of your neighbors wish to eat you for dinner, they may do so by invoking “majority rule” in a democracy, which is precisely why our Forefathers ordained— and our contract with Global Estate Trust requires— a “republican form of government” which respects the Natural Rights of individuals above the wishes of majorities.

This is a major contractual failure on the part of the Global Estate Trust and those individuals and offices responsible for maintaining the “Rule of Law”.


(Information attributed to “You Know Something Is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.”)


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Natural Law, Democracy and The Contract



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