Mexico Recap


Mexico Recap

What A Challenging Mission!

Thank you for all who joined me vicariously in México for a month of epic adventures.

What a blessing it was to experience the vibrant culture, beautiful scenery and wonderful people of México.

Let’s not forget all the culinary treasures! I ate so much delicious food while I was there, it is quite amazing that by the end of a month I’d lost 5 pounds.

I appreciate you and all your good wishes, prayers and support.

There are several exciting projects in the works now, including: “FOODIE” the video series spanning 5 continents of epicurean adventures, as well as a short documentary highlighting my month in México.

Your contributions help make my inspirational storytelling possible. It takes a lot of effort to film, narrate, edit, web design, etc. all on my own, and I also love the challenge.

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Did you miss one of the daily videos I produced from the road on my iPhone? All the fun-loving and lively videos from México are uploaded Here.

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Thank you again and stay tuned for exciting new projects and adventures!

Editors Notes:
Cramming one month of adventures and dozens of hours of footage into 10 minutes was far more challenging than I ever knew; I guess I wanted to see if I could do it.

Notice that I carefully chose music and the use of natural audio to transition in between cities. Example: Mexico City was a hectic, busy energy that’s revealed in its music and editing style, gliding into a calmer style/music upon arrival to Puebla.

I specifically chose not to color grade this piece because a: I wanted the original color to be represented and b: Frankly I got so sick of this project at the end, it was time to complete it and move on.

Jump cuts are used often with very minimal effects because I want the journey to stand on its own two feet.


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