Mexico Adventures Photo Blog



Mexico Adventures Photo Blog

I Went To Mexico To Eat


This month-long adventure throughout the delicious country of Mexico began with a culinary intentions.

Have you seen my new video series “FOODIE” yet? Mexico was part of the inspiration behind this 5-continent epicurean quest.

During all my prior adventures around the world, the focus of eating/cooking has been secondary, or further down the ladder of travel purposes.

For fellow foodies, if you’d not yet explored Mexico with the intent of eating your way through the country, allow me to highly recommend some of my city favorites:

Yelapa – Fresh out of the ocean seafood providing food-gasmic dishes, including giant, breaded prawn with all the generous fixings.

Mexico City – This 50 million populated region has unlimited culinary options and its street food is unparalleled for flavor, vibrancy and inexpensive price!

Puebla – Head straight to the Mercado de Sabores (Market of Flavor) and test out all the 3-generation homemade variety of Mole dishes. Deliciouso! Drink the nectar of the gods, as I titled it, and get yourself a freshly-squeezed mandarin orange juice.

Oaxaca – Otherwise known as ‘foodie mecca’ Oaxaca has an overall high quality balance of street food, open markets, night markets and restaurants. Even if you don’t like hard alcohol, sample a few tastings of Mescal at one of their many bars and try out Oaxcan queso.

Stay tuned for new episodes of “FOODIE” every month and look forward to an exciting spotlight on Mexico!

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