México Adventures January 2023



México Adventures January 2023

Back To Beautiful México!

Amazing México was beckoning me again and I must heed its request. From the frozen tundra of Green Bay, Wisconsin, I eagerly leapt into the warm, humid weather of Puerto Vallarta.

My intention was to spend a glorious week in an extremely unique place on planet earth: Yelapa. This tiny village, nestled charmingly into the jungles, mountains and rivers at the mouth of the ocean, is only accessible by boat.

Tourists pay top dollar for whale watching tours in January, and I got to see several majestic pods up-close for free!

Instead of a luxury AirBnB or modern boutique hotel, I chose an unconventional mode of accommodations in the jungle.

Glamping life suited me well in a large tent with 2 full size beds, table & chairs, lamp and fan next to 2 rustic style bathrooms and a fully-stocked outdoor kitchen.

My tent neighbored a chicken and rooster farm, and I awoke the first morning when the roosters began their 4 a.m. alarm clock crowing. By the second day, I didn’t even hear them; a former resident of Bali, Indonesia, I’ve grown accustomed to the noisy din.

The mountainous jungles have many other enchanting sounds, like their loud and boisterous wild bird, the chachalacas.

Since there are no real roads in Yelapa, transportation is limited to foot traffic, horse/mule or ATV. I thoroughly enjoyed the absence of noisy cars.

Yelapa fisherman are experts at catching the local fish in the region like red snapper, mahi-mahi and tuna, as well as the seasonal seafood: lobster, blue crab, prawn, octopus, etc.

The food is incredibly fresh and cooked with love by the village senoras. Local fare is also inexpensive and over-the-top delicious!

Every morning I’d walk down to the beach with an entourage of friendly rescue dogs the village had adopted, and we’d sit and meditate peacefully whilst staring at the waves.

In fact I did a lot of walking, nearly 10 miles per day! Yelapa boasts 2 scenic waterfalls and a lovely river cuts the village in two, while leading travelers on a 2-mile trail all the way up to the second and largest waterfall.

Halfway there I would stop at a serene jungle garden cafe for a refreshing smoothie made-to-order with local fruit, and a swing in the hammock by the river. This zen-like spot because a favorite meditation area and also swimming hole for me! The water was wonderfully cool on those hot days when the temperature hit the high 80’s.

After spending a spectacular week-long adventure in the jungle, I renewed my zealous palette for traditional Méxican cuisine, and spent some FOODIE days in Puerto Vallarta.

Now, after traveling around for 2+ months in México these past couple years, I’m happy to announce I’ve captured enough footage for a FOODIE || México episode.

The last part of my journey required long, arduous travel to the Señoran Desert and a city called Puerto Peñasco, south of the Arizona border. I was in need of dental work, and considering the cost in the USA is quite prohibitive, with recommendations in-tow, I ventured to a professional dental practice in México.

Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point, is a delightful fishing and resort town located on the Gulf of California. One of its more enjoyable aspects I’ve discovered are the pretty amazing sunsets.


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