Memories From Mexico



Memories From Mexico

13 Visits And Counting…

My personal experiences traveling throughout Mexico are boiled down to 13 one-week trips.

For such a vast and vibrant nation, this paltry pittance of time does not begin to do it justice. Thusly, I am extending my exploration to an entire month in January 2022, albeit one year could scarcely scratch the surface.

I want to discover the lesser known places of its mysterious interior, including cultural gems in tiny pueblos and untrampled jungle regions.

To-date, my limited Mexican memories stem from the infamous resort towns: Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Mazatlán and Cancun.

Deviating slightly with ancient ruins tours to Tulum or Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula, or an occasional rental car cruise up and down coastlines, I haven’t really been outside tourist hot spots.

Out of all the countries I’ve visited or lived in during my short 44 years of globetrotting, the culture I feel most at-home with puts Mexico at the top of my list.

¿Y por qué es eso?

There are many reasons, not limited to the fact I was raised in southern California and many of my friends were Mexican, and the cultural fusion seemed imperceptible to me as a child. Spanish is my secondary language, and even though I am not fluent yet, my comprehension is quite good; I often dream in Spanish. My former second husband is Mexican, and although our relationship ended, I still maintain much love for his family and their memorable events and customs.

Beyond the amazing food, lively music, fascinating history and gorgeous scenery, Mexico is a real treasure that I desire to know more deeply.

Each weeklong vacation bore its own unique theme: from a honeymoon, divorce get-a-way, wedding celebrations, jilted heartbreak girl’s trip, peaceful meditation solitude, golfing & fishing, to even dancing, drinking debauchery.

On my solo adventures to Mexico, I always left with new friendships from the folks I met along the way.

I’ve only been able to dig up a handful of photos barely spanning my 13 adventures in Mexico.

Join me in January 2022 for a brand new quest! Meanwhile, please enjoy the Photo Gallery below. *Please note: I’ve respected privacy of former boyfriends/spouses by not including their pictures.

You’re Invited To Enjoy Adventures Throughout Mexico in January, 2022!


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