Legalese Caused The Confusion



Legalese Caused The Confusion

Wise Clarification

Only people can be American State Nationals.

Living people have appellations, not names. (Only “things” have names.) Also, Living people have autographs….only corporate officers have signatures.

Also, in Law, people are either described as, for example: “John Quincy of the House Adams”, or denoted by the use of all small letters, as in: “john-quincy: adams”.

This doesn’t agree with what you’ve been taught to think and do and say, but it is of vital importance to know. In legal parlance the style in which a name is written tells lawyers what it is.


“Legal Styles”

A name written in ALL CAPITALS Italicized is the NAME of a ship…


A name written in small letters represents a living man…

john quincy adams

A name written in all capital letters can only be one of two things…

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS = (1) a corporation of some kind OR (2) a dead man’s ESTATE.


Getting Organized

So, when you get mail addressed in the form “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” or “John Quincy Adams” or “John Q. Adams” or “JOHN Q. ADAMS” you can rest assured that it is not addressed to any American State National and it is not addressed to the living man, even if that does not happen to be your appellation.


The Articles of Confederation — The First Act — 1781

While most people think that “confederation” means a loose association of states created for their mutual benefit, there is a darker meaning to the word familiar in criminal law—a collusion of self-interested parties to the detriment of others.

In that sense those who sought to create a national government via the Articles of Confederation and those who later created The Constitution for the United States of America were criminals acting against the interests of their home states.

Naturally, the organic states possessed air, land, and sea jurisdictions. The Articles of Confederation which created a “perpetual union” of the states created an unnatural “super state”— so that the jurisdiction on the Land, and the new entity which was to become the federal government could have control of the international Jurisdiction of the Sea.

This loss of international jurisdiction was arguably a loss and detriment of the states, especially in that it created Two Masters—the state on the land and the federal government on the sea—handmade the current dilemmas inevitable.



(Information attributed to “You Know Something Is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.”)


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