Hike The Grand Canyon


Hike The Grand Canyon

2 Billion Years Of Whoa

Thank you for taking this journey with me!

Can you tell it was epic? I keep saying that word for a reason.

“2 billion years of whoa,” became my tagline, as I would stare astoundingly at the spectacular geological layers ahead that took their time in transformation.

When you feel the vast magnificence for yourself, you will then understand why I am often at a loss for explanation, and why this trip expanded and humbled my heart in massive ways.

Enjoy the video adventure through my eyes.

Ascension was so incredibly hot!! Can you believe the base runs 130-140F degrees now!?

There were many insights yesterday, while experiencing such awe of Mother Nature, enjoying the journey with other hikers, as well as appreciating my unique fast pace as a climber/mountain goat.

The Grand Canyon is one of those incredible experiences that must be known for oneself.


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Let’s Go!

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