Grand Tetons And Yellowstone National Parks



Grand Tetons And Yellowstone National Parks

2 Cousins, 2 Parks In 2 Days!

Have you ever explored The Grand Tetons or Yellowstone National Park?

I’d driven through the Tetons last year on my roadtrip across the USA, and visited Yellowstone last when I was 4 years old.

It was amazing to return, and albeit we only spent 2 days, it felt like a week of adventure!

2012 was the last time I hung out with my cousin Jeremy, formerly thwarted by the NorCal fires and the Covid Scamdemic.

He is one of my favorite cousins and I was thrilled to visit him in Idaho Falls, his new home, and take our own ‘cousin roadtrip’ into the epic beauty of our national parks.

When you view the VIDEO from our adventure, you’ll immediately witness our constant state of bliss while hiking in nature.

Although we never got to witness a Grizzly Bear in-person, we did see an adorable Fox up-close, as well as a female Elk and handfuls of Bison.

Imagine spending 2 days in 3 states (Idaho, Wyoming and Montana) simply awestruck by the beauty that abounded you.

That was our experience and we cannot wait to return for more exploring! We logged a healthy 24 miles of 2 days and have committed to each other that we’ll summit the Grandest Teton and highest peak of 13,600 feet together by spring 2022.

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Explore Grand Tetons And Yellowstone National Parks

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