Foodie Series Episode Two Morocco


Foodie Series Episode Two Morocco

Magnificent And Mysterious Morocco

Morocco is a vibrant, mysterious and beautiful nation to explore! I love it so much and two visits are not enough.

Enjoy the first of many episodes for this brand new video series. Together we’ll traverse 5 continents together an epicurean quest for culinary treasures.

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Editor’s Notes:
Rough cut was 30 minutes, fine cut 18 minutes and final cut is 16 minutes—shaving down a dynamic, cohesive story for an audience with a limited attention span tests my developing skills.

Footage here ranges from 720-1080, as one of my hard drives was destroyed with a lot of my quality footage.

Moroccan food is far more decadent than illustrated here; I did not travel to Morocco with the intention of filming a video series about food.

All footage is handheld iPhone 7 and on-the-move, so viewers will have to bear with my lack of stabilization; no warp stabilization FX used.

I am displeased with a few awkward transitions and have sacrificed perfection for completion as I’ve got a backlog of projects.

Music selections were thoughtfully chosen from a limited supply supporting the themes; I do not speak Arabic and am unaware of lyric contents.


NEW ADVENTURE!  Join the epicurean quest as we eat our way around the world and explore unique cultures on 5 continents. Enjoy brand new episodes from different countries every 2 weeks and make sure to subscribe for monthly updates so you catch every adventure! Did you miss the exciting “FOODIE” movie trailer? Bring a hearty appetite and an open mind! You’re invited to come with me on this delicious adventure.

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