Foodie Series Episode Three Belgium


Foodie Series Episode Three Belgium

Belgium Is The Size Of Maryland

Belgium has so much to offer for being such a small country!

I’ve had the pleasure of exploring this beautiful nation 4 times, from 10 days to 2.5 months during each visit. Belgium has not only intrigued my fascination, it has captured my heart via its incredible gastronomy.

Enjoy the third of many episodes for this brand new video series.
Together we’ll traverse 5 continents together an epicurean quest for culinary treasures.


Editor’s Notes:

This was an extremely challenging video to edit, due to the fact I picked through scraps of 720-1080 premade videos to compose it. Sadly I lost much of my original high quality footage when one of my hard drives was destroyed.

Thusly, I did not use much original audio because of competing background music.

Belgian beer deserved far more featuring, alas, considering how much amazing beer I sampled, there wasn’t much footage.

Shot on iPhone 7.



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