Foodie Series Episode One Thailand

Foodie Series Episode One Thailand

Thai Food – My 2nd Favorite In The World!

Welcome to the land of a thousand smiles which captured both my appetite and my heart.

Enjoy the first of many episodes for this brand new video series. Together we’ll traverse 5 continents together an epicurean quest for culinary treasures.

Editor’s Notes:
5 years of travel throughout Thailand capturing footage on various phones, cameras and GoPros proved challenging to organize, especially since a precious hard drive was destroyed and valuable footage lost forever.

This series is cinéma-vérité with minimal use of effects. I was forced to remove the warp stabilizing effect set at a low 2-3% on the majority of my shaky clips because my iMac couldn’t handle processing the renders. Most footage is handheld and on-the-move, so viewers will have to bear with my lack of stabilization.

There’s a thoughtful usage of natural audio throughout the episode, tying together journeys and sub-themes with voiceovers. This balance of storytelling will be employed on every episode.


NEW ADVENTURE!  Join the epicurean quest as we eat our way around the world and explore unique cultures on 5 continents. Enjoy brand new episodes from different countries every 2 weeks and make sure to subscribe for monthly updates so you catch every adventure! Did you miss the exciting “FOODIE” movie trailer? Bring a hearty appetite and an open mind! You’re invited to come with me on this delicious adventure.

Let’s Go!

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