Foodie Series Episode One Thailand

Foodie Series Episode One Thailand

Thai Food – My 2nd Favorite In The World!

Welcome to the land of a thousand smiles which captured both my appetite and my heart.

Enjoy the first of many episodes for this brand new video series. Together we’ll traverse 5 continents together an epicurean quest for culinary treasures.

Editor’s Notes:
5 years of travel throughout Thailand capturing footage on various phones, cameras and GoPros proved challenging to organize, especially since a precious hard drive was destroyed and valuable footage lost forever.

This series is cinéma-vérité with minimal use of effects. I was forced to remove the warp stabilizing effect set at a low 2-3% on the majority of my shaky clips because my iMac couldn’t handle processing the renders. Most footage is handheld and on-the-move, so viewers will have to bear with my lack of stabilization.

There’s a thoughtful usage of natural audio throughout the episode, tying together journeys and sub-themes with voiceovers. This balance of storytelling will be employed on every episode.


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