Foodie Series Asparagus


Foodie Series Asparagus

Asparagus Is A Powerful Veggie!

Wow, asparagus is far more nutritious than I knew!

Please enjoy the first of many FOODIE sub-series episodes with home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, or hand-picked from my nearby cousin’s farm.

Do you have your own garden? Would you like to grow one?

Now more than ever it is extremely important to grow and store your own food.

I giggled while uploading this short video. Admittedly, it is one of thee least adventurous videos I have ever created.

Alas, the content is valuable, especially if you learn something new, it inspires you to eat more fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, and also assists you with your own garden.


NEW ADVENTURE!  Join the epicurean quest as we eat our way around the world and explore unique cultures on 5 continents. Enjoy brand new episodes from different countries every 2 weeks and make sure to subscribe for monthly updates so you catch every adventure! Did you miss the exciting “FOODIE” movie trailer? Bring a hearty appetite and an open mind! You’re invited to come with me on this delicious adventure.

Let’s Go!

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