Foodie Series Episode Seven Indonesia


Foodie Series Episode Seven Indonesia

Incredible Indonesia

Capturing the amazing essence of Indonesia in under 32 minutes was a challenging feat!
This short film has been the most difficult piece I have edited to-date. It spans the course over 5 years, multiple islands and 8 different cameras.
Although I miss my Indonesian friends and also living on Mama Bali, I know in my heart one day I’ll return.
Editor’s Notes:
The Rough Cut was extremely painful…ouch! How did I tie together a dynamic, cohesive storyline when the footage and stills consist of hodge-podge from 5 years of exploring Indonesia?
Much of my original footage was lost during a hard drive destruction, therefore making do with what content I had was challenging, frustrating and inspiring all-at-once!
Often I had to pick through the bones of pre-edited videos exported at 720HD or lower quality; beggars cannot be choosers! In this film I used stills to fill in the gaps of storytelling where my available footage failed me.
Sourcing music that aligned with my scenes and voiceovers was also limiting. I opted to use original audio recorded in Bali on a Zoom H4n Pro Handy mic. Additional equipment utilized were tripods, minimal lighting gear, lav mics, a series of GoPro’s, iPhone 5,6, & 7, as well as a Canon EOS 70D and Mark 5D III.
At times I found the transitions between such varying quality of camera gear a bit cringe-worthy.
It is easy to observe my camera operation skills improving over the years.
Alas, this project was an incredible opportunity for me to stretch my editing capabilities, practice patience and learn a tremendous amount more in filmmaking.


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