Foodie Series Kale


Foodie Series Kale

A Power-Packed Veggie

Kale has so many nutritional benefits that I couldn’t fit them all into my short video.

Suffice to say, Kale is a superstar of cabbage family and as I upload this video, I’m planting two more pots of it from seed.

Hopefully the backyard critters won’t turn my edible garden into their own fresh salad bar!

My intention for this video series was several-fold: inspire others to grow their own edible gardens, learn how to store their own food, provide recipe ideas for cooking & baking, and offer fascinating, educational information.

After creating 14 extremely unique and interesting videos, I am admittedly proud of my accomplishments. Thank you for taking this Farm-To-Table journey with me.

1. Watch the Introduction to the Farm-To-Table video series

2. Begin with the May late spring crop of Asparagus

3. We grew and harvested our own Rhubarb

4. There’s nothing like raising your own backyard chickens for fresh Eggs

5. I’ve got many wonderful childhood memories surrounding Strawberries

6. What a fun crop to cook with! The spectacular Sugar Snap Peas

7. You can get really creative with Kohlrabi

8. The wonderfully versatile and over-abundant  Zucchini

9. Pickling cucumbers is easier than you think with Sun Pickles

10. Juice, Cook, Bake, Pickle, Freeze and Eat Raw Super Food Beets

11. Learn about the captivating history of Sweet Corn

12. What we do without the versatile vegetable Onions

13. Another sensory crop to harvest & cook is Bell Peppers

14. We eat them like a veggie, but they’re an amazing fruit Tomatoes

15. The joy of Gardening

16. Kale is an absolutely incredible veggie!

It has been a delight and honor to share the sweat from my brow and fruits of my labor with you, as well as my ongoing adoration for cuisine from around the world.


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Episode One: Thailand

Episode Two: Morocco

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Episode Four: Tanzania

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Enjoy FOODIE Farm-To-Table Video Series:


Farm-To-Table: Introduction

Farm-To-Table: Asparagus

Farm-To-Table: Rhubarb

Farm-To-Table: Eggs

Farm-To-Table: Strawberries

Farm-To-Table: Snap Peas

Farm-To-Table: Kohlrabi

Farm-To-Table: Zucchini

Farm-To-Table: Sun Pickles

Farm-To-Table: Beets

Farm-To-Table: Sweet Corn

Farm-To-Table: Onions

Farm-To-Table: Bell Peppers

Farm-To-Table: Tomatoes

Farm-To-Table: Backyard Gardening

Farm-To-Table: Kale

Farm-To-Table: Herbs

Farm-To-Table: Spinach

Farm-To-Table: Mushrooms

Farm-To-Table: Blueberries

Farm-To-Table: Green Beans

Farm-To-Table: Blackberries

Farm-To-Table: Swiss Chard

Farm-To-Table: Cantaloupe

Farm-To-Table: Peaches

Farm-To-Table: Jalapenos


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