Foodie Series Episode Five Ireland


Foodie Series Episode Five Ireland

The “Win” Goes To The Emerald Isle

Amazing Ireland is a truly magical and enchanting place like no other! It blew me away by its charm, and boy I was in for a treat with their surprisingly tasty food and drink.

Ireland is high on the list for countries to revisit. Have you been there yet?

Scotland, featured in this episode, was also a wonderful country to explore and one certainly needs more than a couple weeks. I’m aware of my Scottish heritage, so it was fascinating to imagine life there for my ancient ancestors.


Editor’s Notes:
The Rough Cut began at 40 minutes and my intention was to get the Final Cut under 20. Success.

Lamenting that precious hard drive that was destroyed because nearly all my original footage and photos disappeared from my adventures in both Ireland and Scotland.

This made editing this episode extremely difficult, because all I had to pick through and dissect was pre-edited daily videos, all of which had music choreographed to them. This is why you’ll see a high use of voiceovers – unfortunately my audio in the footage is unusable.

I made due with my limitations and appreciate the challenge to create a piece that’s dynamic, cohesive and can hold an audience’s short attention span.


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