Foodie Series Eggs


Foodie Series Eggs

Are You An Egg-Lover Like Me?

There’s no contest between mass-produced store bought eggs vs. free range chickens.

Have you ever considered raising your own egg-laying chickens?

It will depend on your zone, and you may find it is much easier than you thought!

There is a bounty of helpful information and how-to guides educating new chicken owners how to purchase, feed, raise and house chickens.

From Do-It-Yourself chicken coops guides or prefab units, the monthly cost is minimal once you past the initial start-up costs.

Additionally, your chickens will eat the insects and worms in the yard, they’ll enjoy fruit scraps and they also make friendly, outdoor pets.

Their eggs are more nutritious and protein-dense, often resulting in 2 yolks, than what you’ll consume in mass-produced store bought eggs.

I consider myself blessed to get freshly-laid eggs from my brother’s chickens every week. The taste is creamy and have far more flavor than store bought.

Enjoy this heart-warming video that the kiddos helped me make!


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