Foodie Series Apples


Foodie Series Apples

The Famous Apple

Welcome to the final episode of the FOODIE series!
Yes, I am also sad to say farewell to this dynamic, educational video project.
Together we enjoyed 38 unique episodes in both the Travel & Farm-To-Table series over the past 2 years.
It has been a joy and pleasure to take you with me on epicurean hunts around the world, as well as in our own backyards learning how to grow and store our own food.
This last episode completes our delicious series in a lot of laughs with family, it celebrates the amazing apple and concludes with a heart-warming harvest compilation.
Watch until the end! You don’t want to miss the final moments of the FOODIE series.
Special thanks to Chicken Little Farm and my cousin’s Sunny Hill Farm.
Admittedly, I am going to miss creating this wonderful series.


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