Florida Adventures Photo Blog



Florida Adventures Photo Blog

Florida: Food, Fun & Friends!

The sunshine state of Florida was really calling my name this year, as I suffered a third midwest winter. When I departed Wisconsin late April, it was amongst snow flurries and straight into to glorious, mid-80s humid weather.

Florida immediately felt full of life and liberating with endless possibilities. My first action hopping off the flight was to ground in the warm, calming waters of Tampa Bay.

Over the course of one month, the adventure path took one large loop, beginning in the Tampa/St Pete region, then down to the Atlantic coast in Del Ray and up to Port Lucia, West Palm and Vero Beach. The journey book-ended back in Tampa/Clearwater with some day trips to Sarasota.

Visiting friends, old and new, was a significant and heartwarming theme of this trip. It was a blessing to reunite with some grade school friends I hadn’t seen for 30 years! I caught up with college buddies, San Jose stomping ground business partners, real estate & Nuskin colleagues and friends made in more recent years. Additionally, I made it a point to meet up with a 3 Facebook friends in-person, which is delightful to purposely move from online to offline.

Florida is filled with amazing eats and this avid foodie jumped headfirst into its delectable culinary scene. Whilst filming a Florida FOODIE episode, it was delightful to involve friends in numerous scenes. There was many a home-cooked meal made together and always cooked with love in several friends’ kitchens. I inspired a few buddies to continue their daily morning green smoothie when I was gone.

Fun is inevitable… or so my life mantra goes, and for an entire month that is what I experienced throughout Florida. Mother Nature was a highlight of this adventure, from a Japanese gardens & museum, multiple white sandy beaches, to swamps laden with alligators, and river cruises on paddle boards with families of Manatees.

As a birthday gift, a college girlfriend in Del Ray treated me to a week of fun, including my first hydration IV therapy after a sunburnt day at the beach. Wow, I immediately recovered and highly recommend them now!

The weather was sublime, and I sampled an enthusiastic taste of both the Gulf and Atlantic for change of scenery and reconnaissance. It has been my intention to move to the free state of Florida sometime in 2022; ’twas vital to investigate different areas and discover what ‘felt’ best.

The Gulf of Florida is more my pace and style, and I plan to land in the Tampa/Clearwater region this fall for a couple seasons to soak up the sun-drenched state and avoid another midwest winter. I’ll also become actively involved with statewide politics, as I full heartedly adore Govenor DeSantis and his amazing leadership. I am an American State National and a dedicated Patriot; I’ll not remain idle when our country desperately requires transformation.


Click below to scroll through a small sampling of my trip Photo Gallery and enjoy my video adventures throughout Florida.


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