Explore Angkor Wat

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Explore Angkor Wat

Adventures In Time Travel

There is a special energy inside the grounds of Angkor Wat, one of awe and reverence to behold this ancient site held together by the vibrant jungle overgrowth that swallowed it up over 4.5 centuries ago, not to be rediscovered again until 1860.

I found myself whispering under its enchantment as I walked around like a starry-eyed child, feeling quite giddy to finally witness this 8th Wonder of the World.

When I research the history first of such an awesome place, then visit it in-person, this type of investigation stunningly evolves into time travel, and I’m transported to a magical dimension, one of which very few explorers ever enter.

I prefer to dazzle you with some of the photos captured during my adventure to Cambodia’s lost kingdom, because there are certain places words will never do justice.

Cambodia Has So Much To Offer


Join me on an insightful journey exploring magical Cambodia!

Take a video tour of the majestic ancient ruins of Angkor Wat.

Eat some tarantulas and other bizarre food!

Explore the night scene of Siem Reap.


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