Eating And Drinking Through Ireland



Eating And Drinking Through Ireland

Surprisingly, Ireland Is One Tasty Country!

If you were to blindfold yourself and throw a dart at a map, then immediately travel to the country your dart hit, that’s essentially how I chose to visit Ireland.

Boy was I in for the most delightful surprise! During 2018 alone I explored 5 continents and numerous countries; out of all those amazing experiences, Ireland won the grand prize of ‘favorite place of the year.’

After completing my second pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago from Portugal, then making a spontaneous 10-day trip to Morocco, I found myself tooling around Spain wondering where to go next. Some travel plans with friends had fallen through, so I left it up to fate of the travel gods, the old and the new, by metaphorically tossing a dart at a map.

Opening a flight app on my phone that featured a ‘cheapest flight anywhere from where you are,’, I punched in Madrid, when up came Ireland for €20! Maybe it was €18? Either way I giggled with joy because I’d always wanted to visit the emerald isle.

There are many wonderful things to say about Ireland and its lush green countrysides, stunning hiking trails and fascinating history. I absolutely sing its praises in other blog posts, but for this one I focus on the way to Amie’s heart: Food and drink.

Right off the bat I noticed how the Irish could suck down a pint of Guinness like it was water! Being a Belgium beer lover, I had yet to partake in a fresh drought of Guinness, so I remedied that with new friends in Dublin, they on their 3rd pint while I took a fork n knife to my 1st. Humbling speaking, I’d like to think after 12 days of practice around the isle, I became more like the Irish and could drain my drink almost as fast as they could.

I’d heard rumors that the food in Ireland wasn’t very good, and eating is very important to me as a world adventurer and self-proclaimed foodie. Everything I sampled in that glorious country was spectacular, particularly the shepherd pies, hearty stews and bangers n mash. Smother a fresh, warm piece of soda bread with Irish butter and wash it down with a stout ale…now you’re talkin’!

Happy, frolicking cows in the fields made the butter so scrumptious, and I could taste the heart n soul cooked and baked into the food there as well.

I admired the chipper attitudes of the Irish people I encountered with a friendly smile, and they me with a whistle or song.

There is an unmistakable, even palpable, magical energy in Ireland. I will definitely return one day to enjoy its breathtaking scenery, its merry people, and of course more delicious food and drink.


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