Discover San Cristobal de las Casas


Discover San Cristobal de las Casas

Welcome to San Cristobal

I have been charmed on arrival! The air is cleaner up at this elevation in the highlands of Chiapas.

The colors pop, people are friendly, great food & wine on the Main Street and lots of happy tourists are here.

The staff at my hotel are very nice. Their private kitchen isn’t part of the property’s amenities to me, but they let me use theirs anyway.

Up until late in the evening I had a totally private room. The traveler who joined me was quite the intrepid, freedom-loving Adventurer, and we got along swimmingly.

We had a good laugh at our bathroom situation:

The toilet barely works every 5 minutes per flush, lime corroded the shower head so a trickle disperses in every direction making it really difficult to actually get clean. And within minutes, due to poor drainage, we have an ankle-high lake.

Don’t drink the water here…not even ice or brushing your teeth; I’ve run into countless backpackers who got sick.

So far so good, a new place to explore in a truly gorgeous and magical region.


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