Day Four Ice Age Trail

IAT Day 4 sm tn

Day Four Ice Age Trail

A Marathon Distance In Flip Flops?

Sunshine and warmer weather were a welcome blessing!

25.7 miles was a bit further than I imagined, and my feet felt better hiking in flip flops vs. shoes.

Passing through gorgeous Weber Woods and crossing the creek was a highlight of the walk today.

My Trail Angels, Jena and Mike, were awesome people and wonderful to converse with over a delicious dinner of gourmet local pizza from Krohn’s Dairy.

They both earned degrees in Geology, (met in college) and I was delighted to hear about the Ice Age Trail’s history, geologically-speaking, and learn about what I’d be hiking through.

I am very much enjoying my adventure on the Ice Age Trail, as well as the new friends I’m making along the way.

Buen Camino!


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