Constitutional Knowledge



Constitutional Knowledge

So What is the Constitution?

It is a two part equity contract, consisting of a trust indenture (Preamble and Bill of Rights) and a services agreement contract.

It obligates the United States (Commercial Company) to provide certain enumerated services including protection of the national trust and the subscribing States agree to pay for all this.

No wonder United States Citizens are so eager to defend The Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic! It’s their Meal Ticket!

American State Citizens have a different view of it—that of increasingly disgusted consumers.


The Third Face of the Constitution

As a document The Constitution for the United States of America is straight forward — a trust indenture and a services contract, but there is another aspect to it that is a matter of function rather than form.

The Constitution — the real one — is a trilateral international treaty.

1. It binds each State to the Federal Union.
2. It binds each State to the other States.
3. It binds the States as a group to the Federal Union.

Another important point to note is that all Parties are acting in International Commerce. Each “State of America” is for the purposes of International Law a separate nation, so The Constitution represents a solemn treaty among many nations, obligating each to provide services or sustenance or both for the others, all of them interconnected according to the terms of the agreements reached.

Other important facts to know — not all of the original Thirteen Colonies signed on to The Constitution. Only non originally ratified it. The rest joined the Union at a later time, and the new States were added under the Northwest Ordinance and the Equal Footing Doctrine for almost a hundred years — right up until the Civil War.

With the Civil War the country entered a crisis that is still not resolved. As a result, no true American States known as “States of America” have been added to the Federal Union of America are not really “States of America” under the Northwest Ordinance because there ha been no competent Congress convened since 1860 that is able to grant them such status.

Instead, these “States” been operated entirely as federal “States” and treated more or less like real States of America under separate compacts or trusts that agree to honor their incipient land jurisdiction as if they were true States on the land.

Please note that the People are not direct Parties to The Constitution and have only secondhand (subrogated) standing. The States and the Federal Union are the direct parties obligated by The Contract. Also notice that The Constitution is NOT the source of any of your rights and material interests. Instead, it restricts the Federal Union and limits it and provides guarantees protecting rights and prerogatives living people already have.


(Information attributed to “You Know Something Is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.”)



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