Cancún Beaches Walks And Candid Talks


Cancún Beaches Walks And Candid Talks

Walk & Talk – No Fucks To Give

I sure run into some interesting characters while I travel. During most interactions I am kind and friendly, however some need to be cut off immediately.

You may find this video a bit bold with opinions. Frankly I’m out of F’s to give about whose triggered.

After some glorious time in the sand, sea and sun, I know make my travel back to Northern Mexico for a few more days.

Albeit, there isn’t much excitement to see Wisconsin weather in the negative degrees, I am excited to enjoy some privacy & solitude, see fam, edit some projects properly and mobilize a plan for Florida.

Pardon the sound/wind disturbances in this video; I’ve edited all these travelogues on my phone and the app is frustrating and quite limited.


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