Camino del Norte Day Two


Camino del Norte Day Two

Trust Thy Instincts!

Today began with some good instincts… since I don’t take a map, the app or a guidebook, I didn’t realize the traditional route was blocked off because a pilgrim died trying to cross the estuary.

I walked back into town and met up with pilgrims who informed we had to cross the first 1km via train.

Another mostly-idyllic walk through Spanish countryside and 20km later over rolling hills—I can report back feeling good.

The hips are feelin’ it. My body groaned when I put on my 20lb backpack, “Ohhh so we are doing THIS again…”

The body always adapts!

As for the merry band of international pilgrims, I’ve experienced many laughs and great conversations.

Staying at a convent is always interesting!

We just finished our pilgrim dinner together and it was extremely sodium rich.

Tomorrow is a new day. How far will I go?

I never know…

It is wise to trust my doctors:

Doctor Right Leg
Doctor Left Leg

Buen Camino,
Amie Chilson

Opening shot: Dennis from Netherlands

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