Camino del Norte Day Ten


Camino del Norte Day Ten

There Are No Strangers…

Set the intentions today for an aggressive day of filming. Flow with the plot twists.

I literally ran into Mick from Ireland and we shook hands and began a riveting conversation immediately about travel adventures and food. That man had some stories! I mostly listened.

Paratrooper in the British Army and he has faced death many times, alive to tell the tales.

As a fellow adventurer, I was thrilled to listen.

Our pace was commensurate and so were are vibes. I love meeting cool pilgrims and do not believe in accidents.

The scenery in the middle of our quest was through beautiful hilly eucalyptus trees which smell amazing!

We were happy to finally find some food after 4 hours of walking. We’d both sent our bags ahead which helps the feet and legs.

Compliments to Gijon! Your waymarkers departing the city were superb. Not all cities are that easy and sometimes it feels like a treasure hunt for shell indicators and yellow arrows.

The hair salon that treated me so well in Gijon also deserves praise, as well as my not-so-nice cheap hotel… the room or resources were not great, but the desk staff were all friendly and helpful. Hospitality goes a long way with me…

24km (about 14.5 miles) I’m really feeling the tendon strain on my right foot, accelerated by a very bad toe blister.

I may need to send my bag ahead every day if I’m going to make this stretch.

My feet are still in shock.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I’ve now ran into a few pilgrims I know from different stages and we all look out for each other.

“How are you feet? Your blisters? How was your day? Where will you go next?”

It is the way of the Peregrino to care for your fellow comrades on this adventure.

The albergue host says del Norte is hit or miss; some days it’s booked, others only 8 pilgrims.

Someone took a pair of my new travel panties. I hope it was by accident by a female pilgrim and she enjoys them, vs a weirdo male pilgrim… gross! Don’t do that.

Our sleeping bunk bed room smells overwhelmingly like unceasing fart. I don’t know what I would choose if I had to: 1) Fart OR 2) Stinky feet.

May take feet over fart.

Buen camino!

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