Camino del Norte Day Four


Camino del Norte Day Four

Camino Magic Manifested

The plot twists of my journey are unceasing!

I began the morning with the most glorious night of sleep. (Comillas Albergue recommended.)

For Gaudi lovers you’ll notice my artistic beginning in front of El Capricho de Gaudí.

The weather was spectacular, my merry band of pilgrims sang and danced at our beginning, and our spirits were high.

Thankfully securing the last bed in an albergue during the extenuated distance today, I wondered how my newbie feet and legs would hold out.

Apparently we have an albergue shortage on the Camino del Norte.

I experienced another glorious walk and even got to witness a weasel up close and personal. I love the NatGeo moments.

Being a pale-skinned Wisconsinite, already sunburned from yesterday, I began to feel the sun burn up my pre-applied sunblock skin.

Additionally, my pack weight increased with food and green drinks, and I felt some noticeable twinges in my feet and legs.

Turns out it was a 34km day and the friends I began with took 10 hours to arrive.

I did cheat a little by getting a ride from the friendly Dutch pilgrims after 13+ miles of walking over rolling hills.

Don’t mind the “leg up” opportunities to preserve my body and live to walk another day.

Tomorrow there are no baggage services working because it is Sunday. Also there are not farmacia open to buy Voltaren for my legs…because it is Sunday.

The main albergue was booked tomorrow when I called, so I thankfully reserved a bed for myself and 2 Polish pilgrims I’ve been traveling with tomorrow at a private hostel 23km away.

As they say in Tanzania, “Pole, Pole.” = Slowly, Slowly.

Wow, there are a lot of pilgrims out here on this route!!

All in all a good day with synchronicity abounding. Grateful to God.

Opening Shot: Yessika from Venezuela.

Buen Camino,
Amie Chilson

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